Bitfinex Freezes & Bans GhostPi1's Account for Months-Old CoinJoin Deposit

Bitfinex Funds Frozen Wasabi CoinJoin

Reddit user u/GhostPi1 had his Bitfinex account frozen when they went to withdraw some Bitcoin that was deposited months prior from a coinjoin transaction:

Account locked after i tried to send bitcoins from bitfinex almost two months from deposit. They ask about February transactions.

Bitfinex didn’t reply back for nearly a month, at which time they informed u/GhostPi1 that they would be permanently suspending the account and allowing the remaining funds to be withdrawn within 5 business days:


Unfortunately, I must inform you that Bitfinex is no longer in a position to do business with you. […] Regrettably, furthering this business relationship is not consistent with our terms of service and outside of Bitfinex’s risk appetite at this time.

[…] In 5 business days, Bitfinex will permanently suspend your trading and withdrawal privileges. […]



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