BitVavo Bans u/Bujuu for CoinJoin Withdrawal(s)

BitVavo Banned CoinJoin Wasabi

Reddit user u/Bujuu posted that their BitVavo account was shutdown shortly after making a withdrawal to a Wasabi coinjoin:

I did indeed sent my BTC to my Wasabi wallet and used the coinjoin in there.

The message they received from BitVavo contained the following:

[…] Your account has been closed. […] Bitvavo is required by European law to have sufficient knowledge of its users, their accounts and the transactions associated with those accounts. Bitvavo must estimate the risks that a user can pose for Bitvavo. If the risks turn out to be too great, Bitvavo is obliged to take measures to mitigate these risks. From a risk perspective, Bitvavo has decided that it is not possible to continue to offer you a Bitvavo account because the amount and frequency of your transaction (s) to or from mixing services poses an unacceptable risk. […]



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