Bitwala Freezes @RiccardoMasutti's Account Due to Six-Month-Old CoinJoin Deposit

Bitwala Funds Frozen CoinJoin

Twitter user @RiccardoMasutti had their Bitwala account frozen due to a six-month-old coinjoin deposit. Bitwala also demanded additional KYC/AML data in order to have the account restored. @RiccardoMasutti posted a thread on Twitter which opened with the following:

@bitwala sent me an email 3 days ago about a couple of post-CoinJoin transactions that happened almost 6 MONTHS AGO.

“We await your response with the requested information within the next 5 days in order to be able to continue our banking journey together.”

– Riccardo Masutti (@RiccardoMasutti) 26 Mar 2021



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