Bottlepay Returns @Marty_P_B's CoinJoin Deposit

Bottlepay Flagged Whirlpool CoinJoin

Bottlepay flagged and returned an incoming transaction from Twitter user @Marty_P_B because the Bitcoin had a recent coinjoin history, specifically via Samourai’s mixing service Whirlpool:

@bottlepay have rejected my incoming btc transactions due to the coins having been in samourai wallet and/or mixed with @SamouraiWallet #Whirlpool

If you have been sent mixed coins you will get stung. @matt_odell @PeterMcCormack @proofofsteph #bitcoin

– MartyB (@Marty_P_B) 2 Mar 2021

In their defence, they did return the btc as quickly as they could, but this will impact a lot of customers. Who has the ability to check history of all of their utxos and whether or not they have been in a @SamouraiWallet or have been mixed? Virtually no one

– MartyB (@Marty_P_B) 2 Mar 2021



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