Bisq User u/Izzytdi's Exchange Accounts Frozen Due to Tainted Bitcoin

Poloniex Bitfinex Funds Frozen Tainted Coins

User u/Izzytdi sold Monero for Bitcoin on Bisq, and then deposited that Bitcoin on Poloniex and Bitfinex. Poloniex quickly froze the account but did not communicate further for at least two months. Bitfinex also froze u/Izzytdi’s account and demanded an absurd amount of KYC/AML data:

The first exchange was poloniex, which out of the blue just stopped my withdrawals. When I opened tickets all they will tell me is that my trading “looks suspicious” and needs a person to approve it. They will give no information and are not asking me for any information but just keep giving me that empty response. It has been 60 days.

Second exchange is Bitfinex this week, they also stopped withdrawals and also all trading, and they too responded with a generic you look suspicious but they are now asking for KYC info, like way to much information kind of questions like tax forms, passports, all previous transactions, my owned addresses, and TXs from all wallets/exchanges and view keys from my monero wallets.



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