Paxful Freezes & Then Bans u/Dtitanowner's Account for CoinJoin Deposit

Paxful Funds Frozen Wasabi Banned CoinJoin

After Reddit user u/Dtitanowner had deposited Bitcoin from three Wasabi coinjoin transactions, Paxful froze their account and sent them the following message:

Please note that your account is undergoing compliance review. As per compliance review, please provide answers to the following enhanced due diligence questions:

  1. What’s the source of the your funds? Please explain the source of funds that your account is receiving, especially 3 last received transactions

u/Dtitanowner didn’t hear back from Paxful for over four months when they finally decided to ban the account because it was “high risk.” Luckily, they did unfreeze the remaining funds and allow for them to be withdrawn.

Figured I’d provide an update. Today they emailed me that my account was banned but my BTC were available for withdrawal.

“We completed our compliance review and determined to ban your account with Paxful as it’s beyond our risk-appetite. We understand your privacy concerns, but the substantial amount of funds from the Wasabi wallet is high-risk for Paxful.


While your account has been banned and you are prohibited from further use of the Paxful platform, you are allowed to withdraw any remaining funds in your account. We apologize for the delay and sorry for the inconvenience.”



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