Zcash Shill Loses Zcash Privacy Bet


Shortly after the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced that they are accepting Zcash donations, some people voiced concerns about Zcash’s weak privacy. In response, a Zcash shill going by the handle @MoneyKnowledge0 made a z-address donation to the EFF’s z-address, a transaction that is supposed to be “completely anonymous,” and then challenged anyone to find the original t-address:

Above is the tx-id to my donation. Please, if you are all sure of yourselves trace my T-address. Reward is $100 of a currency of your choice. If no one responds in the next 72 hours I’m led to believe all the privacy flawed Zcash tweets are just false information.

– @MoneyKnowledge0 (18 Jul 2020)

Twitter user @The8Connor replied less than a day later with the t-address, confirmed by @MoneyKnowledge0. He told @MoneyKnowledge0 that the funds were transferred only a few blocks after they were shielded, and that next time the funds must be divided up and held for longer before transferring. Fluffypony pointed out that if some dude on Twitter can crack the most basic usage of Zcash, then he might have been better off using a Bitcoin wallet like Samourai instead:

I mean, if you’ve got to divide the funds up and take long breaks between transactions (else some dude on Twitter might figure it out) you might as well just use Bitcoin with Samourai wallet, which does that for you.

– @fluffypony (19 Jul 2020)

Frankly, it sounds to me like you used ZCash the way it’s intended to, and the way that even the most sophisticated user would.

– @fluffypony (19 Jul 2020)


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