Funds Frozen

26 Mar 2021
Bitwala Freezes @RiccardoMasutti's Account Due to Six-Month-Old CoinJoin Deposit
10 Jan 2020
GoFundMe Suspends Two Ukranian Plane Crash Fundraisers (Reinstated)
19 Dec 2019
Binance Freezes @bittlecat's Account & Requires KYC Data for Attempted CoinJoin Withdrawal
3 Sep 2019
Paxful Freezes & Then Bans u/Dtitanowner's Account for CoinJoin Deposit
3 Jun 2019
Bisq User u/Izzytdi's Exchange Accounts Frozen Due to Tainted Bitcoin
18 Apr 2019
Bitfinex Freezes & Bans GhostPi1's Account for Months-Old CoinJoin Deposit